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Tonight’s Running Class 13/09/17

  Wed 13th Sept Running Class 7.30pm Penshurst Place in the cafe car park. It’s going to be a clear and dry evening. Bring your head torches and running lights/reflective vests.

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Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Amassing classes - always interesting and varied and better than any gym - give it a go and you will soon be cancelling that expensive under-utilised gym membership


( Tunbridge Wells )

I started Wildfit it in March 2012 at the age of 46 and nearly 2 years on I am fitter than i have been for many years. 2013 has seen me lose 21lbs and do a trail half marathon in Snowdonia. This is the most fun you can have keeping fit. A good friendly group of all ages and ability and superb trainers that keep it interesting. I love it!!


( Tunbridge Wells )

I started Wildfit around May of 2014 and lost about 4 stone over that summer. It's well worth the time and there is simply no better way to get fit outdoors with the right atmosphere. If you're looking to get fit, change your lifestyle or are aiming for a specific goal (like me), then Wildfit will get you there. Certainly changed me for the better in all aspects of my life. Thanks.


( Tunbridge Wells )

I love Wildfit, each class is different and challenging and there's a real camaraderie amongst us all


( Tunbridge Wells )

"2 1/2 stone dropped in 6 Months from only one or two Wildfit sessions a week, life changing!"


( Tunbridge Wells )